Live Fathead Minnow For Sale - Tuffie Minnow

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By ordering this product customer agrees to provide proper care upon delivery.

1) Must-Have a cleaned Holding Tank or A Cleaned Bait Bucket.

2) Must have a good oxygen aerator for your holding tank or a Bait bucket.

3) Chlorine must be removed if you use City water.

4) Handle them gently.

5) Bait Bucket or Holding Tank must be in a shaded area or in Air-Condition Building.

6) Packaging Fee Not Included. $1.00 Packaging Fee.

Quantity: 16 Count.

Size: Medium. Great Size for Crappie Fishing 

Fathead Minnow a.k.a Tuffy are awesome Live bait. They have tolerance for multiple environmental conditions. In a lakes and deeper streams, fatheads/Tuffy are common prey for Crappies, Rock bass, Perch, Walleyes, Bass, and Northern Pike. They also are eaten by Snapping Turtles.