FAQs - Delivery

Q1.What is your Home Delivery Fee?

Ans: We charge $9.99 for 11 miles radius. .99 per mile after that.

Q2.Do you deliver to a Event/Business?

Ans: Yes we will.  We do not discriminate.

Q3. How far do you drive?

Ans: Our delivery radius is 11 miles from our pick up point locations but we are always willing to drive extra miles for ours valued customers.

Q4.What is your Delivery days?

Ans:Generally delivered 7 DAYS Only between hours 6:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Q5.Do you provide live bait delivery guaranteed?

Ans: Yes we do. Don't worry we got your back.

Q6.Do you sell and deliver Bait only?

Ans: No we don't. We have all kinds products and snacks, if you want you can get miscellaneous staffs such as ice bag, water cases, soda cases, BBQ accessories, sunscreen lotion, bug spray etc right to your door.

Q7.What is your Service Policy?

Ans: Our service policy is first come, first served.

Q8. Whats your minimum delivery amount?

Ans: Our minimum delivery amount is $10.00.

Q9. How long it takes to get delivered?

Ans: Average time it takes to get  local delivery is  less than two hours.