Gary Yamamoto- 4" Blue Pearl/Silver FLK - 10 Count

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Don’t let the  simple appearance mislead you. After several years of steady tournament use, this plastic worm has become the hottest item in bass fishing. Lure maker Gary Yamamoto designed the Senko to fall horizontally, in a long, squiggly belly flop, which is more natural than the nose-down attitude most soft-plastic baits assume.The most classic way to fish a Senko, the one you’ll see most people throwing on your local lake, is weightless. Still, there are a few different ways to rig your Senko to maximize the subtle action without any weight, from wacky, to Texas style.Senkos are prized for their slow falling action, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work falling fast or thumping the bottom.No matter how you rig them, these worms are deadly around shallow shoreline cover, such as stumps, laydown trees, and patchy grass. Cast right to the cover, not past it. By Mark Hicks, Dave Wolack, John Merwin, and Don Wirth